Philips HR1875/21 Avance Collection Quick Clean Juicer

Jun 26th '17 11:22 AM
I was determined to get a juicer but couldn't decide what I wanted. Did I want to spend the money or was a cheaper juicer just as good? My friend loves her George Home Juicer form ASDA but it sprays out the back up the wall, only slightly but I don't want that in a product so the serach began.

I nearly bought a KitchenAid juicer since I have the kettle, toaster and mixer but the reviews were very mixed so I decided to join WHICH (click here to join for 1 first month), I'm glad I did the reviews were honest and helpful, exactly what I needed ... Only thing it didn't do was save me any pennies it blew out the 3 possibles I had on my list and I splurged out on a Philips HR1875/21 Avance Collection Quick Clean Juicer...


1000w - FAST juicing
2.5 litres
Feeding tub is of a good size
2 speed settings for soft and hard veg/fruit

It really did get the job done with zero mess. The pulp wasn't soggy wet which is a great sign that it really has juiced all the fruit and veg to the max.

Assembling and dissembling the Juicer is super easy.

Cleaning was so easy. All removable parts are dishwasher safe however it took a matter of 2 minutes to rinse in the sink.

I made 3 juices yesterday:
Juice 1 - might not be to everyone's taste but full of greatness!
5 carrots half a pack of celery
Half bag mint leaves
1 orange
1 lemon
Half bag kale
Juice 2
Tub of blueberries
Cup worth of strawberry's
1 kiwi
Handful of fresh chocolate mint leaves
Juice 3
1 grapefruit ... yes it was only 1 grapefruit but the juice in the Avance vs by hand doubled. Th benefits of a grapefruit is a GREAT start to your day BTW!
* Grapefruit decreases insulin sensitivity which has a big benefit to energy levels. When insulin is spiked it gives the body the opportunity to store body fat, the higher the levels of insulin that's in the blood, the longer your body has to store body fat (in its most basic form) so insulin just aids in decreasing this spike!

BUY the Philips Avance Juicer - Currently BEST BUY on WHICH:

There are smaller models with equally as good ratings. Overall the Philips juicers have awesome ratings!

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Jun 26th '17 20:30 PM
That sounds great!

Jun 29th '17 13:34 PM
I totally love this juicer.

I made a blueberries, strawberries and chocolate mint leaves juice yesterday. I love berries ... it was so nice
Jun 29th '17 20:56 PM
Ooh yummy and very healthy!

Oct 25th '17 19:39 PM
Wowsers that looks like quite a kitchen gadget. If I won the lottery I'd love a new kitchen and everything you could possibly think to go in it.

Juicing sounds interesting. How has it worked for you?