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Feb 22nd '15, 17:34 PM  
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Meal Preparation Help/Advice

Hey all,

I think this is the right place to post, but sorry if not.

So i've been working out for the past couple of months (Weights, running and cycling for the most part). My aim is to gradually tone my body and build some muscle here and there. So I want to start preparing all my meals at the weekend (Or whenever really) for that week or longer all in one go. At least this way i know what's going into my meals and i can pick and choose what i like.

Ingredients wise, i'm just looking to keep it simple and fairly healthy: brown rice, veg, on occasion jacket potato and some lean meat (I'll change up the meat and veg each time to keep it interesting). I am a useless cook and pretty much brand new to anything that can't be microwaved. So my question is, what's the simplest way of cooking all this?

We have a slow cooker, but can i just bung all that in the slow cooker without any prior preparation or cooking? Do i or should i use a sauce?... I told you i'm a useless cook!

I don't have the time between work (I do a lot of overtime), practice, working out and my social life to cook fresh meals every day. Lunch currently consists of shop bought sandwiches and wraps with a packet of crisps. I want to replace that with the prepared meals with cashew nuts and fruit for snacking.

Hoping someone can help.

Thanks in advance!
Mar 2nd '15, 15:09 PM  
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Hello machineman!

Do you not have any preparation time after work? What is your daily routine with work, exercise and social life?

Belle xx
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