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Feb 15th '15, 22:56 PM  
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problems with snacking

I mentioned this briefly in my in response to my introduction but never got a response so I thought it would be better to make a seperate thread in the relevant board.

I've got an issue with snacking and I have a sweet tooth so savoury snacks don't work plus I have tried fruit but despite being sweet it still doesn't work there's also the issue that fruit goes off too quickly same with vegetables I bought a load a vegetables recently, but before I could use them they went off.

I just wonder what I can do to deal with snacking
Jun 25th '15, 09:56 AM  
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Am the same. I use snacks as a pick me up to get through the day. They need to have some kind of 'treat' factor. Ones I have tried are :

low fat digestive topped with low fat cheese spread. ( I use Philadelphia ). Add slice of fruit or tomato and black pepper for savory. Think cheesecake

Muller low fat deserts and yogurts : all pretty tasty, low fat and under 100 cals.
( Although the clotted cream Coop's own lemon curd yogurts are just beyond yum and not too bad for you )

peanut butter on ... a spoon

Another thing to try is the Harcomb diet. She postulates large amounts of Candida bacteria growth in the gut as a basis for sugar cravings. Doing the one week 'detox' will massively reduce your cravings and is pretty easy. The theory seems sound. Read articles in New Scientist about things like Flu releasing chemicals to make us feel more sociable and seek out other people so it can spread.

Hope some of that helps.
Jul 10th '15, 09:23 AM  
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My snacks are usually fat free yogurts, chocolate coated rice cakes, mini icecream lollies and Babybels. I really like Nakd bars, they're nutritious but high in syns.
Nov 14th '16, 08:50 AM  
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My snacks are usually grilled veggies or sugar free sweet or salad.
Nov 15th '16, 09:47 AM  
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My snacks are Alpen light bar with a nice cup of tea or fruit. I find a Babybel and. Handful of grapes also hits the spot.
Jan 5th '17, 13:14 PM  
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Ive been eating these great packs of mixed melon from aldi. It has 200 grams in it and just 54 calories so just 27 for half a pack topped with nutmeg its delicious.
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