What do you have with avocados?

Feb 9th '15 12:40 PM
High in calories but meant to be super good for you so what do you eat with your avocados or what dishes do you add avocados too?

Feb 9th '15 17:00 PM
I love avocado spread on wholeweat toast!
Feb 9th '15 18:25 PM
I did this today with egg and was a very happy lady with a new lunch idea lol x
Feb 9th '15 19:28 PM
I do love to add avocado to the salads! Salads with shrimps, tuna, ham, just veggie salad, and just on a tost!
Feb 9th '15 20:51 PM
I agree with Mamamia! Add avocado to your everyday boring salad and you will change it once and forever! Love avocado