I love clean eating!

May 8th '14 11:10 AM
I've been doing a clean eating detox since sunday and have lost 4lb it was mainly water weight and bloat from being injured, but I'm amazed at the difference already - I've lost 1.5" off my waist too

I'm on a completely plant based diet, no caffeine, refined sugar, meat or dairy and am mainly eating clean. I've got so much more energy and my skin's brighter already too!
May 8th '14 13:56 PM
It sounds like you are doing great! Well done!
May 8th '14 14:50 PM
Sounds amazing. I could use a little more energy!

Strictly plant based? Are you eating them raw, like in salads, or are you doing stir fry and things like that?
May 8th '14 15:28 PM
I've been doing all sorts jeans! Breakfast is things like smoothies made with Soya yoghurt/porridge with almond milk; lunch has mainly been soups; dinner I've had roasted veg salads/ratatouille and tonight I'm doing burgers!

There's so, so many things you can make! I've been adding flaxseed and shelled hemp to things too for an extra boost of good stuff!