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Mar 6th '15, 10:54 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Fitness and diet Book\DVD Reviews

Was wondering if this would be a good place to post Fitness and Diet Book\DVD reviews? I own a few and am guessing other people on the board have bought some. Was thinking for example scoring out of 5 :

Title : Hotpants Workout DVD
Aimed at : People who like to Dance. Beginner - Medium
Type : Pop/Dance

Complexity :
Effectivness :
Fun :
Mar 6th '15, 13:10 PM  
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Haha cool! - Rating out of 5, 1 being the least 5 being the highest!

Jillian Michael 30 Day Shred

Ratings based on a someone being new to exercise.


Jillian's certainly was not easy but then you don't want it to be therefore the DVD was challenging and the mix up of exercises was good. I did some of level 1 & 2 but decided I wanted to follow a different exercise routine at the gym... for anyone unable to find time for the gym this is a good workout or a change to mix up your routines. Doing teh same thing over an over is boring after all!
Mar 6th '15, 20:27 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Haha! thanks guys! what a sweet and funny but the same time very useful post
Jan 9th '16, 00:20 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Thought I would resurrect this post. Got 2 products to review.

book - John Gabriel - The Gabriel Method

Hypnosis ( as a downloadable mp3 )and positive imagery along with a great explanation of morbid obesity. Many useful techniques for change.

Pros : everything he says makes sense and is a simple course designed to permanently change self image over around a year. No diet involved. You will make better food choices as naturally progress month to month. Author was morbidly obese and struggled with diets. Constantly yo-yoing. Got himself educated while studying at university doing additional biochemistry research. Has championed the struggles of morbidly obese people. Highlighted the dangerous nature of the diet industry and challenged modern medical views. Has vast credibility.

Cons : Slow. Is all about changing beliefs and attitudes that have caused the obesity. This works over time. Reversing genetic switches that tell the body to be obese. Change will happen very slowly and its easy to fall out of the habit of using the hypnosis tracks at night and not doing the daily visualizations. Takes a lot of focus to keep it going until the results start to show.

This is one am planning on restarting and making an effort to stick with this year.

Difficulty :
techniques are pretty easy to do but that daily practice for little immediate reward is a killer.
Effectiveness :
based on reviews only is one of the few long term cures for morbidly obese people. Will update in about a year. lol.
Jan 9th '16, 00:49 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Nov 2014
Location: Manchester, UK
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Audio Book : 6 Weeks to OMG - Venice A. Fulton

I'll admit I got this as I was bored at work. Had a stack of laptops and computers to repair and felt my brain slowly melting as software was reinstalling. It is just luck I picked this. This is aimed at teenage girls I think? The attitude of the author in communicating to the reader is like asking your slightly boozed up but vastly knowledgeable mate down the pub what to do to lose weight. Its basically a mass of all the latest and bestest weight loss tricks and plans in one neat book. As I listened to this book I saw news articles on tv about brown fat being stimulated by cold showers etc to burn mega calories. This has a chapter on how to introduce cold baths daily into your regime. Starting at 20 degrees C. What the safety limits are. Body brushing for lymph emptying while in the bath etc. Its basically an encyclopedia of proven weight loss tips that if you followed would destroy your body fat in no time at all. Diet is basically one of 3 options based on speed you want to lose weight. High protein, small carbs.

Pros : Very detailed plans of each technique and why it works. There will be something for everyone here. I think if you did combine them all in a 6 week period you would lose vast weight. No calories counting etc. Only carbs are monitored by weight. All techniques have a step by step way on introducing over the 6 weeks and are realistic.

Cons : Not long -term. Some of the techniques are useful if you can add them to your lifestyle. Lot of the techniques are well known like the intermittent fasting, green teas, coffee, hunt and rest before food, exercise in morning etc. However the explanations and research into timings etc is superb. To have it all in one place is gold.

Difficulty :
All the techniques are easy to implement. Implementing them all might not be.

Effectivness :
The research seems sound. Add as many or few as you like.
Jun 7th '16, 13:27 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Amazing and helpful post.
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