Tough Mudder 2017

Nov 28th '16 16:13 PM
Anyone signed up already or signing up?

I couldn't do the 2016 which I was gutted about but I'm in on 2017 and other than broken legs nothing should stop me!

I'll be at the Saturday event North West
Jan 18th '17 21:14 PM
What is it lol?
Jan 19th '17 01:05 AM
It's a 10-12 mile obstacle course

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Jan 19th '17 20:22 PM
Good luck hun!

May 3rd '17 13:17 PM
I'm going back to this event chunky again if I don't wire my mouth shut from cocktails
May 26th '17 21:00 PM
Hahaha i always liked the idea of this apart from the electricity obstacles. Totally puts me off x
May 28th '17 14:32 PM
The good thing about TM is it's not a race and you don't have to comepleye every obstacle! Just gonround it
Jul 11th '17 12:55 PM
Well I've had to defer my entry. I'm thinking I will be moving - but I can come back to it in 2018 I suppose. Gutted!
Jul 12th '17 11:37 AM
Aww so sorry

Jul 12th '17 13:38 PM
I'm gutted but I am also fatter so maybe I'll be back happy next year