Wobbles Tough Mudder Training - 2015

Jun 10th '15 18:26 PM
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Last year my PT at the time suggested challenging myself to the tough mudder but it was quite close to the event and although I was excited at the thought (crazy right?) I wasn't ready for it ...

When the 2015 event registration opened I did it, I'm in #Gulp! I needed a boot up the ass, this was it!

When I started the new gym/fitness camp in March one of the plus' was hearing they have a Mudder team and do extra training ... thank goodness because I was nearly going alone!

Sooooo that training starts tomorrow night #DoubleGulp

When I moved end of last summer it wasn't quite as simple as pack, move, settle in and find a new gym ...I ended up totally off the exercise for 6 months, life was all over the place and with it came 2 jean sizes back up! Thankfully I am on my way to sorting that out, I don't care if it's by pounds or inches I will fit back into my new clothes, I *will* get my backside into my favourite jeans I love. I won't be happy until I am

My goal between the camps and mudder training is 'fat loss' not a 'diet'.

Will keep this thread updated
Jun 10th '15 18:29 PM
Good Luck.

I have a Mudder t-shirt but haven't done it.
Jun 12th '15 11:36 AM
Thank you Huntress!

Well training session #1 was hard really hard.
PT then set up 4 cones in a square covering a large area of the beach:
... then remained in the sea for an after workout chat!

My chest killed and I managed 3 of the sprints ... I really hope this preventer inhaler does work but they say 4-5 weeks!

As for the wheelbarrows well OUCH I'd call that mostly a fail, it is sooooo hard and a couple of near face planting the sand moments and as I don't like burpees anyway doing them in the sand made me hate them even more

Part of me felt like crap about the 'struggle' but I'm there doing it #icandoit #repeat and the main guy reminded us after the sprints that it doesn't matter if you're first or last we are a TEAM and we are all working to our best ... a little reminder to help your team mates too. An example of helping was half way between the wheelbarrow with my partner we carried her around shoulders and holding her legs up to the finishing cone.

I got home wet to the neck (I was meant to duck my head in the water but got away with it ha), stripped off in the bathroom and hadn't thought about all the sand that would come with it ... oops

I also did a fitness camp session yesterday morning and still went to this mornings camp session to

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Jun 19th '15 15:51 PM
Mudder training #2

We were meant to go on the athletes track but it wasn't free so we used the local field and did various sprints and team games ... I say games like they were fun, they were hard.

It was a tough session, my weakness for most of it.

Half of me enjoyed this session half of me felt defeated some of the guys though are awesome with their speed, wow

I can only do my best ...right!
Jun 26th '15 19:22 PM
Mudder Training #3

Some warm up exercises that burnt your thighs before a 5km run was session #3... yes I was ecstatic haha but despite knowing about it and knowing these guys I train with were going to whip my ass I still went.

We were shown a map route on the white board and off we all went! I started off with one of the guys to jog walk with who equally dreaded the thought of this session... the others zoomed off (speedy haha) then unfortunately the guy I buddied with decided he would turn back.

Any hoo I battled on thinking 'd work out the way round since I'd not been aorund those roads before.... THEN I got lost, yep lost. The amount of time I stalled, tried to load Google maps and went a little up the wrong road felt much longer than it was
#frustrated then I recognised the main road I'd hit and got back on track confidently #phew ...

After the little girl lost moment and half km from the finishing post the main guy was suddenly beside me and ran me back motivating me the rest of the way, I really appreciated that time.

I got in at 38 minute to the finish post. I can't believe how well some of these guys run, they are awesome. I'd be happy with 40-45 at slow don't kill myself pace these days. I remember doing 5km in half an hour but I died getting to it and never did it again

I got home made up I finished but also wishing I did better ... I was never that good before when I ran 1-2 times a week but I was slowly improving so next came kicking myself that I stopped.

Onwards ... I think my goal is to find running easier not get faster again.
Jun 26th '15 19:24 PM
Glad it's going well apart from getting lost but glad you got back on track again. You are doing really well
Jun 29th '15 10:49 AM
Getting lost is something I would do! Sounds like some good sweaty workouts wobbles

Belle xx
Jul 8th '15 15:26 PM
Mudder Training #4

This wasn't nice ... with a fear of heights this weeks tasks was to go up and down some steep steps beside some pipes running along side a mountain area of Wales.... it's called the incline. Also steep, and very dodgy unspacious steps there was railing on one side which I held onto #tight especially on the way down.

I managed up and down twice which I'm surprised I went again, some of the gals & guys managed 3, well done to them. and also to the young guy who was also gripping those railing tighter than me! I could have bottled it, I was tempted because I wanted to cry, I could have actually cried but I'm glad I didn't.... bottle it or cry

Everyone was bitten to death by the end ... I still have lumps on my arms thankfully less itchy now. #meh

I have attached a picture our trainer took from the bottom calling it 'stairway to heaven'.... I don't think it shows just how steep those steps really were.

I'm finding this really hard between the running and now the heights involved but I'm enjoying it too. Everyone is awesome and it's nice to train (ok try to lol) with the main guy of the fitness gym I go to.

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Jul 8th '15 15:46 PM
Subscribing Good luck with your training
Jul 9th '15 16:57 PM
Thank you hun!

Training #5 tonight ... meeting at Aber falls a walking path enjoying the waterfalls, your surroundings and the wildlife ... I am sure we aren't going to be enjoying much of the scenery to be fair plus it states online it gets steep at times so yay for that #sigh ... I hope it's not too bad though!