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To count or not to count

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Jul 11th, 2017, 00:27 AM  
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To count or not to count

I lost a lot of weight last year calorie counting, but after I started overeating it became more of a negative thing, it was useful to know how much I was eating, but seeing my calorie diary read 3500Kcal, 2800kcal, 3200kcal, etc every day for months was very disheartening and eventually I stopped. Now my calories are more in control, I'm not properly counting them but since I did it for so long I know how many calories are in most things I eat anyway.
So I thought since I'm doing better it might be a god idea to properly count the calories again, because even if I'm only 100kcal off on my guesses that adds up, but I'm worried about getting into the wrong mindset again. Any advice?
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