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Never ending plateau near target weight

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Nov 26th '16, 23:17 PM  
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Never ending plateau near target weight

Hey everybody

I have been dieting for around 18 months now. I started off at 67kgs and now i'm at 56kg. At the beginning I could eat carefully, got to the gym, and 1 kg would come off per week. However, recently it seems I haven't lost a single kilo for about 5 weeks. I am starting to want to tear my hair out!

I'm really confused about how to handle this. At first I thought that I was eating too much (Throughout my diet I've been eating around 1200 calories per day, give or take) so I started to eat even less. For about 3 weeks I was eating just porridge, soup or a tuna sandwich, and chicken and veggies for dinner, as well as doing exercise. I even GAINED weight at that point.

Then I wondered whether my body was starving itself and saving food, so I did quite a lot of reading into the 5-2 diet and have wondered whether to give it a try - the problem is that I'm so scared of putting weight back on that I just can't bring myself to eat too much over 1200 calories.

On Monday and Tuesday this week I did a juice fast, and that really seemed to work at first, and I lost about a kilo (but this coincided with my period so I'm further confused about whether the kilo i seemed to lose was period weight, a delayed reaction to my diet before, or due to my juice fast). However i ate a couple of higher calorie sandwiches towards the end of the week and now I'm back up to my previous weight (i'd say i might have hit 1300 calories the last two days).

I'm increasingly stressed about this because I'm getting married next year and I need to get a dress, and I want to be at my target weight before I order my dress so I was hoping to lose the last few kilos before Christmas and it's looking more and more likely like that's not going to happen.

I would really appreciate any advice anybody can give me, regarding how many calories is appropriate for me to eat and how to get around this plateau!

Thanks so much for reading this
Nov 28th '16, 11:54 AM  
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Well done on your losses so far, that's fabulous

The lack of losses could be that your body is trying to tell you it's at a good place weight wise?
Have you noticed that although you aren't losing anything on the scales, have you been losing inches instead? Sometimes even though you aren't losing weight as such, because you are exercising, you lose the inches instead.

If you are exercising too, shouldn't you increase your calorie intake to compensate for the amount of calories that you are burning?
I must confess that I don't know much about calorie counting as I don't follow it myself, but I do remember reading somewhere (I think on here from a fellow member) that if you exercise, you should increase your calorie intake.
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