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A bit disheartened!

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Jun 3rd '16, 15:32 PM  
Socially Shy
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A bit disheartened!

Hi there!
I'm new here, hello everyone

I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 weeks ago and since then have been following a no gluten, no dairy, low GI diet as recommended by my doctor. I've had a good (very fast) drop of 1st 4.5lb and a noticeable difference in my looks. BUT I've just stepped on the scales this week and have only lost 1lb, if that!

I aim for 1200 calories a day, run 3 times a week and walk on most other days. Any ideas on where I'm going wrong?

Jun 4th '16, 08:04 AM  
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Hi GIGoddess

Could you maybe put up a typical days diet so people can see what you are eating at each meal? And drinking too.

Nice to meet you btw, I'm new here too. :-)
Jun 6th '16, 10:35 AM  
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Hi GIGoddess, welcome to Social Slimmers
Congratulations on your losses so far, that's fantastic!!!

Personally, I've no idea when it comes to no gluten, no dairy, or low GI.

A couple of things I can think of though, and some of them may sound ignorant/condecending, but please don't think I'm trying to be either of those - I'm just going off what I know and what I know have been issues for others in the past. I've been a member of Slimming World for a long time, and I've seen these issues most with members whose losses tail off sometimes.

Have you stuck to the same meals/foods/snacks for the last 6 weeks? It might be worth changing the kinds of foods you are eating and see if that gives you a boost?

Do you drink enough water during the day? Not counting tea/coffee, but you can count water with squash in (assuming you aren't restricted with those) Try to make sure you drink 2 litres throughout the day.

Has your exercise increased recently or have you been doing the same things for the duration of your losses? Sometimes the increase in exercise can have an effect on your losses because of the fluid in your muscles.

Have you stil got lots to lose, or are you close(ish) to your target? The closer people get to their target weights, the slower the weight can come off.

There also the fact that yo've lost so much in such a short time that your body has adjusted to your new diet more and your losses may just be slower now.
Jun 7th '16, 09:38 AM  
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Welcome to Social Slimmers and nice one on your weight loss so far.

Everyone hits a plateau, they are incredibly frustrating. I once did the 1200 calories and it took me a while to agree to be proved wrong that it was the right way for me ... Believe it or not eating more helps and aids weight and fat % loss. You are also active, 1200 is VERY low. How far do you run? x
Jun 13th '16, 13:39 PM  
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Its all about the Metabolism and its boosting tricks...thing is, with age your metabolism slows down and thats because of excessive catabolic activity in the body. Trick is to manipulate your hormones and there are various methodologies by both diet and exercise..i can write pages and more, but id continue this conversation only with interested parties

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