How many carbs a day?

Jan 3rd '14 13:41 PM
I have never really watched my carb intake. I have always been mindful of the calorie intake. How many carbs a day should we be consuming? I know some diets try to keep the carbs away but that isn't going to happen with me.
Jan 3rd '14 14:01 PM
I'm interested in finding out too. I'm always so hung up on calories that I forget about carbs. I also wonder, if anyone knows, if you keep to a diet calorie limit do carbs matter?
Jan 3rd '14 19:09 PM
Whilst doing atkins diet I was consuming less than 20net g of carbs during induction phase (2 weeks). But roughly we consume 150g+ for instance a slice of wholemeal bread is 12.5g. Unless you're focusing on low carbs I wouldn't worry. Obviously wholemeal products will be lower carb as they have more fibre content x
Jan 6th '14 15:10 PM
I am interested to find out too! I'm trying to switch to a higher fat but lower carb diet. I used to eat way too many carbs by way of pasta and breads etc!