Jun 16th '14 18:38 PM
Just a quick post.

I've had to restrict Tapatalk while I sort out a bug that conflicts with some custom code. We have a mobile version of Social Slimmers (which looks very similar to Tapatalk) you can switch to by clicking the link at the bottom of the forum.

If you are a regular user of it and really really need it, reply to this thread and I'll add you to a special usergroup that can bypass the restriction.

I've already added a few members that I've noticed use it
Jul 9th '14 21:19 PM
Hi is it possible you could add me please😊
I do tend to use tapatalk a lot. Thanks
Jul 15th '14 19:32 PM
Oppps sorry. Would have helped if I subscribed to this thread

Added Julie Should be able to login with Tapatalk now
Jul 21st '14 08:02 AM
Thank you 😊